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Accumulator Bets: An Overview by 12Bet Id

It goes without saying that cricket accumulators are extremely popular. In fact, the amount wagered on cricket accumulators easily outnumbers the amount wagered on any individual betting market most weekends of the season. Given their popularity, it's no wonder that bookmakers at 12Bet Id see cricket accumulators as a significant source of money and will offer a variety of incentives to encourage accumulator betting.

What Exactly Is a Cricket Accumulator?

Simply said, a cricket accumulator is an individual wager made up of a number of single bets......hence the title "accumulator," since it is an accumulation of numerous bets into one larger bet.

Cricket accumulators go by a variety of names. You've almost certainly heard them before. cricket accums, cricket acca, acca bet, combination, multi bet, and more terms are used. The name "acca" is by far the most commonly used abbreviation. In fact, you're unlikely to hear someone refer to their weekend footy acca as a "cricket accumulator." It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

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What Exactly Is A 'Fold'?

Each pick in your acca bet is known as a 'fold' (or occasionally a 'leg'). They just mean the same thing in either case. For example, if your footy accumulator consists of six selections, it is known as a "six fold acca" or a "six legged acca."

What Is the Function of a Cricket Accumulator?

So, what exactly is a cricket accumulator? Consider the following example. A four-fold Premier League accumulator for an upcoming series of fixtures is provided below:

Fold Selection

In this example, we've chosen four separate bets to combine into one larger stake.

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How Can You Win Accumulators in Cricket?

That is lot easier to answer than it is to accomplish.

To win a cricket accumulator, each of your single picks must win. That's correct. If you put a four-fold accumulator, each of your four individual bets must win for your cricket acca to be successful.

So, in our previous example, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea must all win their games in order for us to collect our winnings. If one of these clubs fails to win, our cricket acca is over.

What Markets Can an Accumulator Include in 12Bet Id?

It should also be emphasized that, as our example above indicates, footy accums do not have to be based on match results. A cricket accumulator can be built using a variety of bet types from various leagues and tournaments.

For example, a cricket acca could comprise betting on Over 2.5 goals in a forthcoming Premier League match, the outcome of a La Liga match, and the Asian handicap market in an upcoming Bundesliga match. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Why Should You Bet on Cricket Accumulators?

So, why would you bet on footy accumulators if you need a set of single bets to all win? That appears to be challenging. Why wouldn't you just place a single wager?

It is true that consistently winning footy accumulators is difficult. People prefer to wager on footy accas because they provide much higher odds and larger returns for a small stake.

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