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Why Are Value Selections So Important in 4Rabet Id?

If each option represents a value bet in 4Rabet Id, bookmakers understand how combining single bets into one accumulator increases the value. For example, Pinnacle offers "parlays" (a parlay is merely another word for an accumulator), but because Pinnacle caters to serious gamblers, they offer parlays at reduced odds on very limited and severely restricted markets.

Now, prominent bookmakers like Ladbrokes, William Hill, and the like are willing to offer accumulators with no decreased odds. Why? Because they just do not believe their clients are astute enough to consistently win when betting on accumulators (and if some of their customers are, they may limit their betting). Of course, there are ways around these constraints).

Bookmakers I Don't Expect You to Understand the Concept of Value.

The point is that most bookmakers do not expect their consumers to recognize genuine betting value. They anticipate that their consumers will bet indiscriminately, with little regularity and organization. Most importantly, bookies do not provide full value odds. They deduct a percentage of the odds they offer, known as the bookmaker's margin.

Let's talk about this briefly before we go on because it's vital to comprehend. A bookmaker's margin (also known as vig, juice, or commission) is what reduces a bookmaker's odds to less than true value. A bookmaker's margin on a single bet is typically between 3% and 5%, depending on the market. The lower the commission, the higher your chances.

A Head-to-Head Match Scenario with Odds and Bookmaker Profits

You've probably seen it in betting markets. Two teams competing head-to-head. Team A has odds of 1.90, while Team B has odds of 1.90 as well. Assume the bookmaker accepts £1000 in bets on Team A and £1000 in bets on Team B. Team A wins the game, and the bookmaker pays out £900 to those who gambled on Team A. Meanwhile, they keep the £1000 they bet on Team B, leaving the bookmakers with a £100 profit. Yes, a basic example.

How Does All of This Relate to Cricket Acca Betting?

In the same way that value multiplies into itself, if we do not bet with value, the bookmaker margin multiplies into itself, resulting in a very low value bet. And this is why bookies adore it when their customers place cricket accas or any form of acca bet. Because the average punter does not understand how to appropriately analyse betting value, accas of terrible value are created time and time again, leaving the bookmakers to clean up.

Returning to Our Example

Consider our four-fold example once more. Below are our four picks, the odds available, and the "fair odds" for each, i.e. odds without any bookmaker margin:

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Fair Odds


Man City to defeat Man United




Arsenal to defeat Southampton




Liverpool to defeat Leicester City




Chelsea to Swansea



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So, as previously stated, the odds on our weekend acca were 12.927. When we compute the fair odds for our acca, we get:

Fair Odds


3.20 x 1.64 x 1.70 x 1.64

Fair Odds



So, we can see how accas might be bad value if we include picks that are not value bets. We were given odds of 12.927 on a four-fold acca that would have been odds of 14.63 without the bookmaker margin. So, while the margin on each individual bet may be roughly 5%, when we combine them in our acca, we end up with a margin on our acca of nearly 12%, making it a terrible gamble.

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