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Cricket Accumulator Calculator by Ambani Book Id

On the internet, you can find a number of Cricket accumulator tools. Even though it's great to have an accumulator calculator online, wouldn't it be better to have one you can download and use whenever you want, online or off?

Even though Ambani Book Id call it our "Cricket accumulator calculator," you can use it to figure out the odds for accumulators in any event.

How Does Our Tool That Adds Up Numbers Work?

This is what you'll see when you open our total bet calculator:


We can see the list of purple areas to the left of the spreadsheet. Here is where you put the odds for each fold (leg) of your Cricket accumulator.

In this case,

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We Are Putting a Fivefold Accumulator

We write down our chances for each.


At the bottom of our list of chances, we can see that the odds for our fivefold accumulator have been calculated. In this case, our accumulator odds calculator has given us odds of 18.11 for our acca.

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Spreadsheet Probability Calculations by Ambani Book Id for Accurate Accumulator Odds

This figure is just based on the formula we talked about before, in which each fold of our acca is added to the next. Our spreadsheet has an accumulator odds tool that does the math for us. In this case: 2.00 x 1.85 x 1.50 x 2.25 x 1.45 = 18.11

We can see a list of blue fields to the right of our chances. Here, we put in how likely we think each fold is.

Please note that you will get the following error message if you enter a probability that is lower than the probability given by the odds of one of your folds.


In this case, Leg 1 has odds of 2.00, but we think there is only a 40% chance that this fold will win. This is not a value bet, so you should leave it out of your accumulator, as the error message suggests.

To fix our mistake, we enter our estimated odds for each fold.


At the end of our list of probabilities, we can see the total chance for our accumulator, which is made up of all the probabilities we've looked at. In this case, our acca has a 7.28% chance of coming out on top.

Optimizing Cricket Accumulator Value: Estimating Odds and Calculating Bet Stakes

Once we know that each of our choices is a value bet, our accumulator's value will be estimated and shown in green. In this case, our accumulator has a value of 31.75%, based on our odds of 18.11 and our estimated chance of 7.28%.

If you want to take your accumulator betting to the next level, our Cricket accumulator calculator also figures out the best stake for your bet based on your betting bankroll and your chosen Kelly Stake percentage. Read our tips to bankroll management and the Kelly Criterion to find out more.

If, on the other hand, you only bet on Cricket occasionally, you don't need to pay attention to the suggested bet stake. As long as your accumulator is made up of value bets, you should be fine.

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