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How Do Betbook247 Id Bookmakers Determine Odds?

To the Betbook247 Id bookmaker, appropriately pricing an event is the key to long-term profitability, and this is just a numbers game.

Bookmakers' Advantage

As we discussed in the previous session, all bookmakers work by betting to specific built-in margins on various events. Many bookmakers, for example, price up to approximately 107% on Premier League football, where all the variables are generally known and they can expect three-way activity. Where there are more unknowns, such as a low-grade novice hurdle, they would want to bet to 120% or more to protect themselves from savvy punters.

Although a bookmaker rarely makes the perfect bet, laying every runner and guaranteeing a profit regardless of the outcome, he knows that by having a built-in margin, he is more likely to win in the long run.

He also has the authority to control the size of bets he places and to whom he places them, with account and liability management being a critical component of any bookmaker's success.

Choosing the Odds: Increasing Market Prices

A bookmaker will first price up an event's "real" chance, i.e., to 100%, and then adjust the pricing to account for the built-in margin he has established for the type of event.

Consider the following international football match between England and France:

The odds compiler believes the following odds represent the true chances of either team winning or drawing.

In every betting market, we simply add the implied probabilities for each result to determine the margin.

How so?










Total Implied Probability of the Odds



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Because his consumer base is predominantly English and is likely to support the home team given their recent success, he prices the event at a 107% profit margin.

England to win at odds of 1.54


an implied probability of 64.8%.

Drawn result at odds of 4.22


an implied probability of 23.7%.

France to win at odds of 5.40


an implied probability of 18.5.%.

Total Implied Probability of the Odds



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Bookmaker Margins: Odds and Value in Different Leagues

England triumph is clearly the most likely outcome and is expected to draw the majority of support, the bookmaker is confident that he is laying the bets at the "right price" in his opinion. Over time, they will eke out a profit and outperform the punter.

This is why it is critical to pay attention to the margins offered by your preferred bookmaker. If they are offering markets more than 105% on prominent leagues like the Premier League, you should search around for a more generous bookmaker. If you wish to be in more obscure leagues, though, markets of 110% or even better can be the norm.

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With the betting market becoming more competitive, many bookmakers are now offering a variety of regular bookmaker free bets and promotional offers to lure new clients, such as the Bet £10 Get £30 bonus, which is quite popular among different companies nowadays.

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