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How To Calculate Trade on Fairbook Id?

Most people don't need to know how to figure out a trade on Fairbook Id or another betting market these days. There are many trading apps, software programs, and betting exchange trade tools that will figure out a trade for you. Betting exchanges will also tell you how much you could make if your trade is matched.

But it's still a good idea to learn the math and know how to figure out a trade on your own. Most of the time, technology will do the work for you. However, having an intuitive sense of how trades work and knowing how to calculate a trade will help you make decisions minute by minute when trading on Fairbook Id.

So, let's look at a simple bet on an exchange. The 1X2 market for an upcoming Premier League game between Southampton and Chelsea is shown below.

How to Figure Out a Trade?

So, let's say we think Southampton is the best bet in this match, both in terms of who will win and how the 90 minutes will go. So, we'll bet €100 on Southampton to win at odds of €3.22

At the end of the first half, Southampton scores the game's first goal. With a 1-0 lead going into halftime, Southampton's odds of winning the game are now 1.60. Now, we can trade on our pre-match position to make a profit or pay off our pre-match debt.

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How To Trade So That You Make Money?

Let's say we want to make money when we trade on the betting market. This could mean making sure that our profit is the same for all three possible scenarios, so that we make the same amount of money no matter how the match turns out. Or it could mean making money on one of the possible outcomes, which would cover our pre-match risk.

Let's think about how we can make the most money in all possible situations. At this point, we have a pre-match bet of €100 on Southampton to win with odds of 3.22, which means we will win €222. Now that Southampton has a 1-0 lead and their odds on the betting exchange have been cut to 1.60, we are in a good situation. At these odds, we will now "lay" Southampton to win, which means we will bet against Southampton winning.

How to Determine Lay Amount in Fairbook Id?

How much should we lay Southampton at if we want to make the same amount of money no matter what happens?

It's easy to figure out:

Lay Liability = Original expected return – (Original expected return / Current lay odds)

So, in our example the calculation would be:

Lay Liability = €322 – (€322 / 1.60)

Lay Liability = €120.75

So, if we wish to trade for a certain and equal profit across all three possible outcomes, the liability on our Southampton lay bet should be €120.75 for a return of €322, or €201.25 profit.

How To Work Out a Trade?

So, what can happen? Consider the following possibilities.

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Result Bet Return Profit

Southampton win




Chelsea Win/Draw








TOTAL (minus commission 5%)



As we can see, after deducting the regular betting exchange cost, we would gain €96.19 regardless of how the match ends. We may then either sit back and accept the profit or keep trading on the match.

Locking in a return regardless of the outcome is referred to as 'greening up' or creating a 'green book' in the company. Whatever occurs after that, if no more trades are made, you are guaranteed a specific return.

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