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What are the Different Ways to Bet on Fairplay Id?

Part of the attraction in Fairplay Id is that you can get out of a situation no matter what. Let's say that Liverpool doesn't score early in our case. And let's say, just for fun, that Swansea scores the game's first goal right after halfway. If this happened, Liverpool's odds of winning the game would change a lot, and we wouldn't be able to trade out for a profit.

What Should We Do?

One choice is to stay strong and hope that Liverpool wins the game. On the other hand, we can try to reduce our liability, or take a loss but keep the damage to a minimum.

Again, it rests on what you think will happen in the match. Also, it should be clear that the flexibility of dealing on a betting exchange gives you many ways to make sure you make money or, at the very least, to keep your losses under control when things go wrong.

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Example: Liverpool vs Arsenal

Let's look at something else. Now, a Premier League game is going on. Many traders make their living here.

Liverpool vs Arsenal odds

The odds for a Premier League game between Liverpool and Arsenal can be seen above. So how are we going to trade in this market? Again, we shouldn't get into the market until we know how the match will go or how the market might respond. Let's say we think it's likely that Liverpool will score early. In this case, we'll bet €100 on Liverpool at odds of 2.98 before the game.

When match time comes, the waiting game starts. So, let's say Liverpool scores a goal early, in the 10th minute. If this happens, their chances of winning the match will drop by a lot. So, once more, it's time to get out of our situation by betting against Liverpool winning the match. Again, we can fully cover our original liability to make sure that if Liverpool wins, we make money, but if they lose, we don't lose anything. Or, we can balance our risk so that we make money no matter what happens in the rest of the match. Again, it should be clear why trading on a market is a good idea.

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Best Betting Exchange Trading Strategies

With the launch of Fairplay Id, people have been able to trade on betting exchanges. Since then, many trading methods have been made. Some things have lasted, while others have come and gone. What are the best ways to trade on Fairplay Id or another betting market like Dafabet Id or Matchbook Id? Here, we look at the basics of how to trade on betting markets successfully.

How Do You Trade to Make Money?

Assume we wish to profit when we trade on the betting market. This might imply ensuring that our profit is the same for all three conceivable outcomes, so that we make the same amount of money regardless of how the match plays out. It may also mean profiting from one of the conceivable outcomes, which would cover our pre-match risk.

Let's consider how we can make the maximum money in any case. We currently have a €100 pre-match wager on Southampton to win with odds of 3.22, which implies we will win €222. We are in a fantastic position now that Southampton has a 1-0 lead and their odds on the betting exchange have been reduced to 1.60. We will now "lay" Southampton to win at these odds, which means we will wager against Southampton winning.

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