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Learn more about Lotusbook247, India's most popular video game. It's the best place to gamble because it offers instant payouts, helpful support staff available 24/7, and rock-solid security.

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How to Recover After a Crash with Lotusbook247 Id?

Stop Playing the Game Altogether

The terrible piece of advice that no self-respecting gambler can refute. Those who don't share our passion for the game may murmur this phrase upon hearing an explanation of a losing streak. It's tempting to just give up and never wager again when bad luck strikes, but if you can't picture yourself wandering around flower centres or National Trust estates while the races or soccer games are on, you'll know that you need to improve your strategy rather than give up and quit.

Realize That Losing Streaks Are Inevitable

That losing run you had... A losing streak to one is merely a "accounted for blip" to another. However, no strategy that counted on every bet turning out to be a winner could have sustained. It's great when you're on a winning streak, but even the most seasoned gamblers who have proven their skill over the course of years and thousands of wagers often experience a losing run.

However, if your losses are eating into your betting bankroll, something is likely wrong with your staking strategy (i.e., how much money you're spending on each bet) and/or selection criteria. There will always be losing streaks.

However, a losing streak is an excellent time to evaluate your betting strategy and betting selection methods. If your staking plan and bet selection procedure are based on solid betting theory, you should ride out the losing streak and return to winning ways. Make adjustments before you go bankrupt if your staking plan and selection procedure are inconsistent and not backed by betting theory.

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Analyse Bets You've Placed Before

There's definitely something wrong if you go on a losing streak that causes your bankroll to plummet to an unmanageable level. Never, ever try to recover from a loss. Examine your "scandalous spreadsheets" and you'll soon see your mistakes. Making a note of your strategy while placing this bet is a smart habit to get into when keeping track of your wagers.

Make a note of all instances where you deviated from your strategy, regardless of whether or not the wager was successful. Why? For the simple reason that you will lose money when you look back on wagers in which you deviated from your strategy. Some will be profitable, but you can count on the vast majority to lose money. Seeing the hard realities that these moments of poor discipline are costing you money is the best approach to help you improve betting discipline and fight your way through losing streaks.

Be Courageous!

Keeping your head up and your resolve strong will get you through a losing streak. As we mentioned before, losing streaks are inevitable no matter how well you construct your staking plan and choose your wagers. If you're doing things right, you shouldn't stop doing them just because you're experiencing a losing run. Maintain your procedures. Maintain your stake size. Keep picking out the things you want. If you're doing everything right, you'll get through this losing streak and feel stronger than ever afterward. Yes, losing streaks are challenging, especially the first and second time around. You'll have a lot of doubts about your abilities as a gambler and start to wonder if your recent wins were just a fluke.

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Building Confidence and Sticking to Smart Betting Strategies

But take it from Lotusbook247 Id, your first losing streak will be the hardest. Once you realise that losing streaks are common, and that you will work through each one by sticking to sound betting theory, your confidence as a bettor will grow and grow. If a losing streak throws you off course and leads you to make changes to a sound betting strategy simply because you need to find a couple of winners to restore your confidence, the only sue thing is failure. So, when a losing streak comes, be brave.

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