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Asian Handicap Betting Explained and Illustrated Mahadev Online Book

To put it simply, Asian Handicaps give each team either a goal edge (+) or a goal deficit (-) instead of a point spread.

Below is an example of the odds at Mahadev Online Book for a future match between Arsenal and Liverpool that use an Asian Handicap. Arsenal has a -0.5-goal handicap, while Liverpool has a +0.5-goal handicap. What's the meaning? It means that if you bet on Arsenal -0.5 goals, you must win if Arsenal wins the game. If, on the other hand, you bet on Liverpool, you will win your bet if Liverpool wins or if the game ends in a tie.

Football odds with an Asian Edge

The easiest way to understand handicap betting is to take the full-time result and change the scores to include each team's handicap. If a team has a minus handicap, like Arsenal in the case above, we take that handicap away from their final score. If they still lead after the handicap is taken into account, the handicap bet was a winner.

On the other hand, if a team has a positive handicap, like Liverpool, we just add the handicap to their final number. If they still lead after the handicap is added, then the handicap bet was a winner.

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Two Examples of How to Figure Out Asian Handicaps?

So, let's say you bet on Arsenal with a handicap of -0.5. Arsenal won 2-1, and Liverpool lost 1-0. Is your bet on Arsenal to beat the spread a winner? We just take away Arsenal's -0.5 goal advantage, and the new score is Arsenal 1.5, Liverpool 1. Even after taking into account their -0.5-goal penalty, Arsenal still "win" the game by half a goal. In this situation, your bet on Arsenal with a spread is a winner.

But what if we bet on Liverpool with a "handicap" of +0.5 goals? In this case, let's say that the game finished in a tie, with both teams scoring two goals. Is our bet on Liverpool to beat the spread a winner? We add the +0.5-goal penalty to Liverpool's score, so the new score is Arsenal 2, Liverpool 2.5. With this new score, Liverpool "won," which means that our bet on Liverpool with a deficit was a good one.

Asian handicap betting is a great way to bet on football because it can turn even the most one-sided game into a thrilling one, and it can also help you find secret value in football betting markets.

There are also things called "Quarter Asian Handicaps" that you can bet on.

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How to Understand Double Chance Odds in Mahadev Online Book?

With a Double Chance bet, you can bet on two of the three ways a football game could end in one bet. In a Double Chance bet, you can bet on any combo of the following full-time results:

Below is an example of a Double Chance betting market at Paddy Power for an upcoming game between Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund.

Two Chances in Two

As with the Draw No Bet market, the chances on Double Chance are usually much lower than if you were betting on just one result. This is because your bet on Double Chance covers a combination of two possible outcomes.

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