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A Playexch Id Guide on Betting

How to Cope with Loss?

Even the most successful sports bettors have to admit that losing is a part of the game. How might accepting loss help you improve your betting?

Losing runs when betting is a part of life, just like death and taxes. They can be extremely frustrating and defy logic at times. Here in Playexch Id guide, we look at techniques to cope with and lessen the damage caused by these times when anything that may go wrong does.

Take a Rest

The fifteen minutes following a badly chosen wager or moment of tragedy is the most perilous time for all punters, according to pro-punter John Basquill, who has experienced a highly successful decade of betting for a profession. This is the period when we are all at risk of becoming "hotted up," and all logic and reasoning go out the window as we try to recoup our losses.

Betting Emotionally: Monthly Analysis to Avoid the "Red Mist" Effect

This is certainly an unreasonable reaction to terrible luck, yet it is a fully human emotion that we all have when the unexpected happens. No matter how diligent they believe they are with their betting, the last flight faller or last second goal can tip anyone over the edge. The wisest policy appears to be to avoid betting on time-frames.

There are no daily milestones or amounts to be won in any given time period. Instead, at the conclusion of each month, analyse the bottom-line profit and loss during a period when actual trading or betting is not taking place, calmly and dispassionately. Only in this manner can one see where incorrect decisions are being made and change course accordingly, keeping one safe from the "red mist" that might descend when things go awry.

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Maintain Professionalism

Maintain Professionalism Contrast the activities of a dedicated sports bettor with those of a professional athlete. This analogy works well when dealing with the heartbreak of a losing streak. Even the best bettors experience losing streaks, but it is how they deal with their losses that distinguishes them from persistent losers.

Consider yourself a football manager whose team has just lost a hard-fought cup tie after extra time. The last thing you want to do is wait a few minutes after the final whistle before jumping right back into another high-intensity battle. The squad requires rest, and you require time to reconsider your strategies, examine injuries, and choose a team capable of winning the following game.

Taking a Break and Reflecting on Betting Decisions After a Losing Streak

The same rules apply when dealing with a losing streak in betting. Take a break if you believe your losing streak is causing you to make poor decisions or apply your staking plan inconsistently. Allow yourself a couple of days to reflect and figure out why you've been making poor decisions.

There is no such thing as a successful punter who places ill-researched bets in a hurry or fails to adhere to a strong staking plan. It's not a bad idea to take a few days off. Refresh yourself and return to work when you're ready.

Follow all the rules given by Playexch Id so that you can easily cope with loss and bounce back in the market.

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