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How Satfair Id Prevents You from Betting on Fixed Market?

In this guide by Satfair Id we will learn about, how can you tell if a match is set, and how can you avoid betting on one? Are there more set matches than people think? What are the most well-known matches that were fixed in the past?

How To Keep from Betting on Fixed Games?

Can you avoid betting on games that have been fixed? Is there a way to tell if a match will probably be fixed? This piece talks about betting on fixed games and how to avoid the Fixed Match Tipping Scam.

Let's get this straight from the start. If you get an email, text message, or post on social media from someone trying to sell you knowledge about an upcoming sporting event that they say is fixed, don't pay attention to it. Do not respond, and do not send them any money at all. Instead, just ask yourself something easy. Why would someone try to sell you information about a sports game that has already been decided? If they know the answer is fixed, why would they send out tens of thousands of emails or text messages telling everyone? Why would they use social media to tell everyone?

You could say that they are selling the information in order to make money. But if they know the outcome is fixed, why wouldn't they just bet a lot of money with their bookmaker on the set outcome? Why would they put themselves at risk of being charged with a crime and investigated by anyone looking into fixing sports events?

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The Fixing of the Game

This offer of information about fixed matches in return for money is a scam, to put it simply. The people who are pulling off the scam don't know or have any of this inside information. For example, you may have seen Facebook accounts like the ones below, which share secret information about matches that have been fixed.

But how does the scam with the set game work?

Well, it's not hard at all.

Let's say the scammers get 100 replies from people who are willing to pay for information about an upcoming Cricket game that the scammers say is fixed. A third of the people they talk to will be told that the home team will win. They tell another third that the team playing away will win. The last third of the crowd is told that the game will end in a tie.

The game has started. Two-thirds of the people who answer lose, and it's clear that they feel like the scammers cheated them. But one third will win their bets, which makes them think that the scammers may really know how Cricket games are fixed.

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Unveiling the Deceptive Tactics of Set Game Tip Scammers

After a week, the scammers send another email to the people who replied to the first set game tip and won. This time, the con artists doubled the price for the information about the set game. People who won on the last tip are happy to pay twice as much for information on what they think is a sure-fire winner. Again, the hackers split up the people who answer. One-third for the home team, one-third for the visiting team, and one-third for a tie.

The match is played, and again, two-thirds of those who bet on it feel cheated because they lose. But now, people who have won two bets in a row have completely bought into the scam and think they are really getting inside information about fixed Cricket or NHL games.

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