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How Does Satsport247 ID Prevent Fixed Market Betting?

In this guide by Satsport247 Id, we'll learn how to tell if a match is set and how to avoid betting on such a match. Do more set matches happen than most people think? What are the most famous matches from the past that were fixed?

Unusual Performances

Every player has a bad game now and then. Even the best athletes in any sport can have a bad day. However, there are times when you wonder, "What the...????" Sure, a player can make a mistake, such as a poor pass, a missed catch, or an undisciplined attempt on goal. But every now and then, we'll see gamers do things that make us wonder.

In football, no position on the pitch has the power to impact a game as much as the goalie. And there have been a lot of strange goalkeeping incidents over the years.

Ferhat Kaplan's "attempted save" of a Wesley Sneijder strike in May of 2015 was perhaps the finest of them all. Don't you think it's a little suspicious?

The 1978/79 Boston College Basketball Scandal: Point Shaving

Sometimes the solution is to keep performances slightly below par in order to avoid suspicion. The Boston College basketball points shaving controversy of 1978/79 was one such example. In this case, Boston College basketball players were intimidated and paid off by gamblers and other underworld characters to win games by less than the point spread. For instance, if the point spread was -7, Boston College was anticipated to win by less than 7 points.

When conspirator Henry Hill (yep, the Henry Hill from the film Goodfellas) was charged with narcotics trafficking in 1980, the point shaving plot was revealed. In order to avoid prosecution and prison time, Hill became an informant, alerting authorities to the Boston College point shaving conspiracy. Playing For The Mob, an ESPN Films video about the Boston College scandal, is highly worth watching.

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Inconsistent Outcomes

Unexpected events occur. Teams that everyone expects to win do not necessarily do so. For example, Blackburn defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford in 2011. Blackburn entered the game at 24.00 odds and won 3-2. While this conclusion was unlikely, it was neither outlandish or strange in any manner. Similarly, Hercules defeated Barcelona 2-0 in 2010 despite starting the match with odds of 29.00 to win. Once again, extremely implausible, but not suspicious. Unexpected events occur.

Unravelling Irregular Results: The Nigerian Football Scandal of 2013

When we talk about irregular results, we mean results that do not make logical sense and appear silly in the context of a legitimate sporting encounter. The most visible incident occurred in Nigeria in 2013. Following a farcical last matchday relegation struggle that saw two critical matches end 79-0 and 67-0 as clubs attempted to improve their Goal Difference, officials and referees were banned for life and four clubs suspended for ten years.

Let's just say that it's a good thing no bookies offered Anytime Goal scorer odds or over/under 65 goals markets for those games.


Unfortunately, match manipulation appears to be here to stay. Whatever legislation or detection procedures authorities enact, there will always be a criminal element looking to gain an advantage in betting markets through outcome manipulation. While it is a part of life in today's sporting and betting climate, we may still use common sense to determine when a sporting event may be manipulated.

Finally, if somebody claims to be able to provide you with inside information on guaranteed results in exchange for money, run. Simply walk away.

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