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What Does It Mean to Get an Acca Bonus from Smartcric Id?

A bookmaker, such as Smartcric Id, may provide you an "Acca Bonus" in addition to your earnings from an accumulator bet.

The takeaway here is that if you want to wager on football accumulators or accumulators in general, choose a bookmaker that offers a bonus on all winning accumulators. This is the lesson to be drawn from this situation.

Bets That Can Be Put into an Accumulator

When you place an accumulator bet with your favourite bookmaker, you will discover that you have a plethora of possibilities to fulfil your stake. If you like, you can combine multiple selections into a single accumulator bet with the majority of bookmakers. The following list of twelve options includes the most common and popular ones:

Bet on the Lucky 31

A Lucky 31 bet is made up of five single bets and five total bets. Each of these options is handled as a distinct wager, and the total number of bets is 31: five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfolds, and one fivefold aggregate bet.

Heinz Betting

A Heinz bet is a collection of six accumulator bets that win all at once. Each of these options is combined with another to provide 57 combination bets, which include 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds, and one sixfold.

Bet on the Lucky 63

A Lucky 63 bet is made up of six single bets and six total bets. Each of these six options is treated as a separate wager and then combined with the others to create a total of 63 bets: Six singles, fifteen doubles, twenty trebles, fifteen fourfolds, six fivefolds, and one sixfold aggregate bet were wagered.

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Super Heinz Betting

A Super Heinz bet is a collection of seven accumulator bets that win all at once. Each of these options is used to form 120 combination bets, which include 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds, and one sevenfold.

David Placed a Bet on Goliath

A Goliath bet is an accumulator bet that consists of eight bets that all win at the same time. Each of these options is added to the others to create a total bet of 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds, and one eightfold.

Trixie's Risk

A Trixie bet is when you wager on three different items. Each of these three options is combined with another to form four distinct bets. There are three bets involving two picks and one bet involving all three picks.

Patent Risk

A patent bet is one in which you choose three different things to wager on. Each of these three alternatives is gambled on separately, then combined to make a total of seven bets. There are three individual bets, three bets involving two selections, and one bet involving all three alternatives.

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Smartcric Id's Accumulator Bet Quick Reference Guide

The table below indicates how many picks are required for each form of accumulator bet, as well as how many individual accumulation bets are required for each type. A Yankee, for example, is made up of four selections that total six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold acca.

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