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Using a Tigerexchange ID to Find Bets with Value

Whether you're looking for value at a standard bookmaker or on a betting exchange, the same rules apply. When you think the chances of something happening are higher than what the odds say, you have found betting value.

Chances of 2.0 (even money), for example, mean that there is a 50% chance that the result will happen. If you think that event will happen 60% of the time, then the odds of 2.0 are a good deal. At the Tigerexchange Id, you can find out more about value gaming. If you don't know what "value betting" is, you should definitely read about it before diving into the world of betting markets.

Determining If Betting Exchanges and Traditional Bookmakers Are Equal

Some gamblers will say "no" very strongly, at least in the sense that they think it's just as easy to find value on an exchange as it is with a standard bookmaker. These cynics would say that even though an exchange user's ability to find value is different from that of a normal bookmaker's (because an exchange user focuses on in-play trading instead of pre-match betting), the chances of actually finding value are almost the same.

In this sense, markets on an exchange are thought to be the most "efficient." In other words, the odds-on offer usually gives a very accurate picture of how likely it is that each result will happen.

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Why Does an Exchange Give Out Odds?

Because the odds on an exchange are set by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of users, each of whom has their own opinion and places and accepts bets from other users. Bookmakers, on the other hand, mostly set the odds based on who they think will win a football game and adjust the prices based on the bets they accept.

Understanding the Value of Exchange Odds for Speed and Accuracy

So, it's thought that the odds on an exchange, especially in a mature, high-liquidity market where thousands of bets are matched and a number of the smartest traders weigh in, will be closer to the true chance of each event, like a Premier League match. People think that these markets are more efficient and harder to beat in the long run because of this. As a result, many bookmakers now keep a close eye on how odds change on popular betting platforms like Betfair and Matchbook. Exchange odds are thought to be set by a "balance of opinion," which makes them what some people call the "perfect price."

Markets in play: Tigerexchange ID Odds: A Way to Find Value

Other exchange users might agree that exchange odds are calculated differently than odds from a traditional bookmaker, but they don't think that there is no value to be found. These smart traders would say that exchange markets, especially in-play markets, offer great opportunities for people who are willing to do their research and work hard to learn.

Many people can figure out how likely it is that Tottenham will beat West Brom in a Premier League game, but how many can figure out how likely it is that Tottenham will win if they are up 1-0 after 20 minutes? How likely is it that the game will end in a tie? How likely is it that West Brom will win again? How likely is it that there will be more than 2.5 goals in the game?

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