Arshin Kulkarni: India’s Next Big All-Rounder?

- Cricket - December 11, 2023
Arshin Kulkarni: India’s Next Big All-Rounder?
Arshin Kulkarni: India’s Next Big All-Rounder?
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Hardik Pandya is a star all-rounder for India, who can bat, bowl, and field brilliantly. He has been a key player for India in all formats, and has contributed to many wins. However, he has also faced injuries and inconsistency lately, and his spot in the team is not as safe as before. He also has some new challengers in the domestic scene, who are eager to take his place.
One of them is Arshin Kulkarni, an 18-year-old sensation from Maharashtra, who has impressed everyone with his amazing skills. He is also a batting all-rounder who can bowl medium-fast, just like Pandya. He has played for India Under-19, Baroda, and Gujarat Titans, and has performed well with both bat and ball. He has also shown the ability to win matches on his own.

Kulkarni’s Best Performance in MPL 2023

Kulkarni’s best performance came in the MPL 2023, where he scored a century and took four wickets in the same game, leading Eagle Nashik Titans to a thrilling win over Puneri Bappa. He smashed 117 runs off 54 balls, hitting 13 sixes and 3 fours, and then defended 5 runs in the last over, taking two wickets. He also led Gujarat Titans to the IPL final in 2023, where they lost to Chennai Super Kings by 5 wickets. He scored 346 runs and took 9 wickets in the IPL, and earned praise for his captaincy and attitude.

Kulkarni’s Comparison and Interaction with Pandya

Kulkarni has been compared to Pandya by many people, who see him as a potential replacement for the senior all-rounder. Kulkarni himself admires Pandya, and has met him at the NCA in Bangalore, where he got his tips and advice. Pandya, too, has recognized Kulkarni’s talent and potential, and has encouraged him to work hard and improve his game.


70* runs with bat & 3 wicket with ball against Afghanistan in Asia Cup – he is a batting all-rounder, who bowls quick, a big big future ahead for the main man from Maharashtra.

— Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) December 8, 2023

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Kulkarni’s Strengths and Weaknesses

But Kulkarni is not just a copy of Pandya. He has his own strengths and weaknesses, and his own style and personality. He is more aggressive and expressive than Pandya, and likes to hit sixes from the start. He has also faced some criticism for his attitude problems in the past, but he has also learned from his mistakes. He is also more versatile than Pandya, and can bowl both seam and spin, depending on the situation.

Kulkarni’s Future Prospects

Kulkarni is still a young and raw talent, who has a lot to learn and prove before he can match or surpass Pandya’s level and status. He needs to work on his fitness, consistency, and temperament, and also prove himself at the higher levels of cricket. He also needs to avoid any controversies and distractions, and focus on his cricket. He has the talent, the skills, and the passion to succeed, but he also needs the guidance, the support, and the opportunities to show his abilities.
Kulkarni is one of the most exciting prospects in Indian cricket, and he has the potential to challenge Pandya for a spot in the national team in the future. He is not just the next Hardik Pandya, he is the first Arshin Kulkarni. And he is here to stay.

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